Family Fare?

ABC Family is apparently running an ad promoting their airing of the 1996 arthouse classic Independence Day.  Struggling mightily to fit it into their mission statement of “family fare,” the announcer opens the 15-second spot by saying, “Will Smith is a new kind of dad…”  But whatever kind of dad do they mean???  The kind of dad that stars in “family movies” wherein a chief sub-plot involves aliens messing with Randy Quaid’s anus?  The kind of dad that hangs out with Bill Pullmans who decide to drop atomic bombs on the midwest (with little to no protest or political fallout–pun totally intended!!!)?  Oh, ABC, first you air LOST for six years, and now you are airing enigmatic promos for Independence Day–will your commitment to quality mystery programming never end?

Not Penny's Plane
Not Penny's Plane

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