A People I’ve Met Who Kind of Look Like Minor Characters from LOST Double-Header!

This is the second in an ongoing series of photos of people I’ve met who–well, you get the idea from the title.

Today, I’ve got a twofer for ya from the February gallery opening of Hipsters and Hassids (a great gallery show for those of you who are in the New York City area): Short Richard and Husky Bram!  That’s right, Jacob’s loyal bodyguard and the ageless, guylined wonder, plus a bonus image after the jump.

(Click images for larger versions.)

Bram threatening Lapidus
What lies in the shadow of the Statue? A good ol'-fashioned whuppin'!
Richard Alpert wearing glasses
So he's never going to die, but his eyes are still going to go?
A guy who looks a little like Richard and a guy who looks a little like Bram
You may never get tired of that view, Richard, but sometimes you need more variety in your art than just ancient Egyptian stone carvings.

Should I be asking what kind of service it is Richard had been rendering for those 140 years, or should I be asking what kind of life Jacob saved him from?

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