Do You Like “The Social Network” Trailer?

Okay, so I love Aaron Sorkin. That’s not exactly a surprise. A couple years ago, he opened a Facebook account, announcing that it was research for his next writing project—a screenplay chronicling the founding of Facebook. Given Sorkin’s public distaste for the impact new media has had on American society, both of these facts were a little surprising. I don’t think anyone ever expected him to write a film about social media, let alone open an account himself.

Aaron Sorkin with Emmy
Kids, doing cocaine never won anyone anything--except a boatload of awards for frenetic dialogue.

However, he specializes in writing big, ivy league personalities who are passionate about their work, so there was a lot of promise inherent in him tackling the story of Mark Zuckerberg and company. When rumours started to circulate claiming that the screenplay wasn’t a hagiography, that instead it delved into the controversies that sprang up between Zuckerberg, his partners and a competing team in the early days of the juggernaut site, the project began to sound even more promising. Then David Fincher signed on as director; with Sorkin’s flare for the way words sound in the ear and Fincher’s flare for every other aspect of filmmaking, the movie immediately went from promising to compelling.

Jump cut to this week. After two teasers that simply laid snippets of dialogue over on-screen text, an honest-to-goodness trailer for The Social Network has hit the tubes and it’s been getting an incredibly enthusiastic response. Even’s Devin Faraci, who has been garnering notoriety as a sourpuss in recent years, has said that it makes the movie look “flat out amazing. Like ‘Clear a spot on your 2010 Top Ten List’ amazing.”

I’m glad that the internet’s collective heart is aflutter over a Sorkin project, but I don’t get why people seem to like this trailer:

The way this trailer paints the movie reminds me of a slightly more adept version of those grating “cyber-thrillers” that have been coming out for the past couple decades. You know the type of movies I mean: The ones where there’s always a high-stakes scene involving a handful of actors huddled around a computer monitor watching as one of them either furiously hacks into something or hurriedly subverts some unknown third party’s attempt to hack them. The moment in the trailer that most makes me squirm is when Ann from Parks and Recreation asks, “You got twenty-two hundred hits within two hours?” and a cocksure Zuckerberg says, “Thousand. Twenty-two thousand.”

I’m hopeful—nay, confident—that the final movie will be great. I just don’t see how people get that from the trailer. What do you think?

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