Backing into Lost, One Episode at a Time


You can decide for yourself which is sadder: The fact that multiple people have asked me this year what I’m going to do once Lost is over, or the fact that I actually have an answer.

As the final episode approached, preparing for my finale party ended up consuming a lot of my time. I have several written-but-unedited posts about “The Candidate,” “Across the Sea,” and “What They Died For” sitting on my hard drive, but getting ready to host thirty Lost-loving revellers (in my none-too-spacious Manhattan apartment) took priority over finishing them. You’ll see them in some form soon, as well as my own take on “The End.”

David Gaynes
I promise I'll get a better photo from him soon.

However, this post isn’t about wrapping up my own coverage of Lost‘s final season. Instead, I’d like to introduce you to David Gaynes, an award-winning documentarian who is going to continue writing about Lost for us from a fresh and unexpected perspective. David is a unique voice in the world of independent documentary film. He is the director of the forthcoming documentary feature Saving Hubble and directed the award-winning Keeper of the Kohn. His films have been seen on PBS stations, film festivals, educational venues and in his parents’ living room. David is from Weston, CT, studied Public Policy at Hamilton College and currently lives in New York City.

And he has never, ever seen an episode of Lost.

David has graciously agreed to be the subject of a little experiment: Given the chronologically fractured nature of Lost‘s narrative and the show’s habit of posing questions and only imply the answers, what would it be like for a new viewer to go through show backwards? Starting with “The End,” and ending with “Pilot,” David is going to answer that for us.

You can find David’s first entry in Flasharound: Backing into Lost, One Episode at a Time tomorrow evening. He’s going to aim for one or two episodes a week, but as this is a magnanimous side project for him, please be patient with him.

Me, on the other hand? Feel free to lambast me whenever you want for abandoning you for two months at a time.

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