I’m Now On Twitter, Just In Case

Just in case I ever end up in a Japanese prison, I've started a Twitter account.

Newser recently reported on a Japanese journalist who used Twitter to send word to his family that he was still alive.  Well, that’s all the encouragement I need: Just in case I ever end up in a Japanese prison (or abducted by the Armenian mob again), I’ve started a Twitter account.

Now, for those of you familiar with my disdain for Twitter (I prefer discussion, debate and reporting that go deeper than a snappy headline*), I know that this comes as a shock.  But it’s a decision rooted in personal safety:  Wordpress articles take quite a while to write, test and post.  Even a “For No Good Reason” takes several minutes to publish.  When you’re about to be seized by a foreign police force, you don’t have that kind of time.  Tweets are much faster.  Heck, you can even tweet over text messaging.  Now, if I see a platoon of mounties coming my way, I’ll be able to quickly let you all know that I’m being detained behind enemy lines.  (P.S., this assumes that we are already at war with Canada.)

As long as I have my freedom, you can find me at Twitter.com/TheRickBarry.

*Yes, I get the irony of saying that in only 79 characters.

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