Go Vote. Seriously. Right Now.

Celebrate the fact that you don't live in a place where you'll probably get injured or killed if you make the mistake of walking outside on election day.

The last time Armenia had a general election, there were riots.  A couple friends of mine have been living in Tanzania, and haven’t been able to leave their home for two days now because of the fallout from an election being held.

Here in New York City, I just got back from voting, and I want to remind you all that polls are still open.  Go vote.  Right now.  As long as you get there by 9 o’clock, you have the right to vote, so get out there and celebrate the fact that you live in a country where you actually get a say.  And before I hear any lip from any of y’all, yes, we may have two parties that are both largely center-right, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are usually very real, substantive differences between candidates for major offices in this country.  And even if there weren’t, there are differences of competency to execute said offices, and–oh, yeah–the fact that we live in a place where you probably won’t die just from walking outside on election day.

The fact that we get a say in how, when and to whom power is transferred in our government is a huge responsibility, and it’s one we should absolutely be celebrating.

Seriously, go vote.

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