How I LOST Your Mother


Have you met Hugo?
Have you met Hugo?

Really this is just a quick temp post to lay claim to the headline as soon as possible, because for those of you who don’t know, Jorge Garcia was on tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, playing Steve, the gang’s perennially unlucky friend reuniting with them after years of absence.  He came up with a mysterious phone number for them to dial (481-516-2342), and mentioned that he had been stuck on an island for a long, long time.


It’s a busy week ahead of us, what with traveling for the Thanksgiving feast and getting to participate in my favorite family tradition (the big post-Thanksgiving putting-up-the-Christmas-tree party), but I’m going to make some time this weekend to write up this episode of HIMYM (and really the past two and a half months of the season) along with bringing you all the next installment of TSOL.  So, you know, look for that.

Until then, though, have at the turturkeykey.

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