Go, Recession, Go!

Let’s be honest—our economy never really recovered from the last recession. Remember that one? It started around 2000 when pets.com shut down and suddenly every

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Clinton Tax Returns

An interesting commentary on the “revelation” that Hillary and Bill Clinton have made a lot of money in the last few years. Have a good

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Farnsworth Redux

This is the second of two reviews I’ve written of The Farnsworth Invention. Both were written for the same publication (The Redeemer Arts Greenhouse Newsletter)

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The Farnsworth Invention

The Farnsworth Invention, playing at The Music Box Theatre through March 2, is about two men with obsessions. The first is David Sarnoff (Hank Azaria),

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Good Fences…

There is a tradition in Judaism called “building a fence around the Torah.” The general concept is that the people of God, having been given

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…Gravy Boat?

Welcome to my undeveloped musings on the fields that constitute my career(s) and passions: politics, communications, writing, film, literature, and faith. I can’t promise that

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On one hand, you could write a headline about how #millennials are "killing" some once-ubiquitous product/industry.

On the other hand, you could write a headline asking if placing such a big bet on such a precarious product/industry was a smart move in the first place. #PickOne

"Nobody's done the job we've done on the border" is a strange thing to say when you are declaring a national emergency to secure the border

If this is true, I'm very curious as to whether it violated specific standards the network maintains, or whether it was a judgment call.

god can you imagine a world where libraries didn’t exist, and a democrat pitched libraries *now*?
oh man the think pieces
“who really needs books”
“why should i pay for someone else to read”
“historically, libraries have all burned down”
“yes but who chooses the books”