About Rick

I live and work in Washington, DC. An art school graduate with a degree in creative writing, I’ve worked for numerous political campaigns and non-profits, initially directing grass-roots voter contact before moving into marketing and communications. I love to think about politics, culture and God, and the surest way to keep me in a conversation is to weave together any two of those topics. I’ve written about art and pop culture for national and international magazines, and serve as executive director of the Center for Christian Civics

Prior to co-founding Christian Civics, I directed communications for the Grace DC church network and served on the boards for the Anacostia Gracious Arts Program and Pepperdine University’s Institute for Public Service and Policy Development.

A former competitive martial artist, I won three bronze medals in the Wide World of Sports tournament, was invited to represent the United States in the 2000 millennial games and once chopped a watermelon in half with my bare hand. That last one is by far my proudest accomplishment.

My Professional Life is built around

The Center for Christian Civics

Most of my work time is dedicated to the Center for Christian Civics, a non-profit that fosters civility and civic responsibility in the church. The organization currently offers the following services and products for ministry leaders, lay leaders and political professionals:

Classes and Talks

Presentations, workshops and retreats for general audiences, political professionals and ministry teams.


Personal consultation for people trying to lead ministries in the middle of a shifting cultural landscape.​


Regular articles, podcasts and newsletters providing commentary, devotional resources and personal stories of faith being practiced well in the public square.​


Bible studies, books and training manuals for anyone who wants to approach the public square with a calm, generous and faithful posture.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you really cut a watermelon in half? With your bare hand?

I really did! I used to practice martial arts (kempo, small-circle jiu jitsu, and a little bit of wah lum kung fu), but an unrelated knee injury and some moral struggles with the idea of practicing violence led me to stop. I probably can’t still chop a watermelon in half, but the memory is exhilarating.

I have questions about faith and politics. Who should I talk to about them?

I’m glad to talk with you about faith and politics in a casual manner on Twitter. If you’d like to arrange a more intentional conversation—either for your own edification, or to explore the possibility of hosting a class or getting coaching and consultation for your team, you’ll need to arrange that through the Center for Christian Civics. 

Are you available for freelance work?

My work with the Center for Christian Civics takes up most of my available time, but I do on occasion take on contract work with other organizations, as long as it doesn’t conflict with my primary obligations. If you’d like to ask for my help building a website, designing a brand identity, or writing/editing/ghost writing, drop me a line. I do not ever accept paid photography work, but am glad to refer you to someone who does if you need that kind of help.

Isn't ADHD just a made-up condition designed to make money off of parents whose kids are just being kids?

No. This has been covered extensively in other places, so if you’d like to dig into this question a little more, Google is your friend. The short answer, though, as best I understand it, is that the term ADHD does have a real medical definition, having to do with the way the brain processes dopamine. While the term “ADHD” is relatively new, it refers to more than just “kids being kids.” (For instance, what used to be called “Clumsy Child Syndrome” was likely what we call “ADHD” today.) It also doesn’t go away, but depending on its severity, coping mechanisms can vary in effectiveness person-to-person.

Are you Related to the Basketball Player?

No. I did try to play basketball once after school in fifth grade. A girl I liked was also in the gym and I didn’t want her to think I was mean, so I spent most of my time scurrying around helping the people who fell down get back up.

How cute is your dog?

My dog is incredibly cute. He’s a regal little Pekingese whose exploits you can follow on Instagram, if following dogs on Instagram is your thing.

But you've heard of the basketball player, right? You know what he's famous for?


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