Congratulations, America: This is your fault.

Well, Bunheads is cancelled. I hope you’re happy.

Sutton Foster macing children
You mean I maced those kids for nothing?

For those of you who weren’t paying attention (which, statistically speaking, is pretty much all of you), Bunheads was a dramatic comedy about a dance-prodigy-turned-showgirl trying to start a new life in a small coastal town. It was breezy, humane, literate, quirky, heart-wrenching and, above all, fun. Watching it would have been the easiest way in the world to get better TV shows made and fight the cultural tide of degradation of women, as I’ve mentioned before, but apparently none of you wanted to have fun while doing a little bit of good at the same time: ABC Family executives have said that the ratings were terrible and there wasn’t enough growth in digital viewings after the season ended to justify making a second season.

For anyone who is still interested in checking out this weird, wonderful show, Amazon Prime members can stream it for free (for now). Everyone else, I hope you enjoy Law & Order: Graphic Descriptions of Sex Crimes and Two Broke Girls And A Bunch Of Racist Caricatures, because it’s apparently what you’re already watching.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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